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what is the Rock Your Body Challenge?
Live Free

It’s 56 Days of Awesomeness! This 8-week online, global body-love fest will completely bust through your body-loathing blocks so you can finally and forever feel beautiful, confident and free.

the schedule
  • discover a groundbreaking (and simple) technique to see your body in a whole new way
  • learn the shortcut to ending your negative self-talk
  • find out the REAL reason why you’ve never kept the weight off
  • master the rules of the “Perfect Body Game”
  • get honest about your priorities and boundaries so you have more fun & more time for yourself
  • learn how to stop people pleasing & put yourself first
  • get the secret all driven women need to master in order to have a fulfilling life
  • STOP comparing yourself to others and start embracing what makes you unique & special
  • embrace that your desire to be perfect is holding you back & let it go for good
  • learn how to say goodbye for good to diets that don’t work
  • discover what a “Normal Eater” is and why you want to be one (hint: no restriction or will power required)
  • master the 5 Rules for Normal Eating
  • create a customized and personalized menu planning system that’s easy and really works
  • learn tips to make grocery shopping & cooking fun and enjoyable
  • experience my signature “Rock Your Body” workout (it ain’t Jane Fonda’s exercise video)
  • discover the sensuality connection and why it is integral to living a fulfilled life
  • turn exercise into a fun, uplifting, and even a little sexy daily practice (no gym required)
  • finally reconnect with the parts of your body you’ve judged the most in the past so you can be whole again
  • learn how to keep your word with yourself and finally follow through with what matters
  • experience true freedom through the power of self-forgiveness
  • learn the game-changing tool I’ve mastered for life-long freedom and fun
  • crack the self-hatred code
  • master the most powerful tool for opening your heart to compassion for yourself and your body
  • uncover your own hidden barriers to change & learn what to do to break free for good
  • learn the best way to support yourself even around unsupportive people
  • learn why it’s important to make fun and pleasure a top priority
  • create more adventure, spontaneity & romance in your life – with a full proof way to measure your results
  • learn my top 5 tips to building your own solid sisterhood of love & support
  • practice the top 5 ways to bring more beauty and fun into your life
  • discover why getting ‘girly’ can be a good thing (even for you tomboys – I was once like you!)
  • how to doll up in 10 minutes or less (my busy ladies love these)
  • learn to love the clothes in your closet, the color of your hair, and the shape of your booty (let the fun begin!)
  • style master class with Amber’s special guest (get the low-down on how to discover your own style and dress for the body you have)
guest teachers
Sheila Kelley

Sheila Kelley is the global femme leader, author, and founder of (feminine movement for the empowerment of women). She is an esteemed actress, filmmaker, dancer, and a passionate voice for the advancement of women in the world. Her focus in this program is on waking you up to your sensual self, in the most loving, gentle way.

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler is a successful author, coach and speaker. She supports individuals in discovering the answers to the questions: “Who Am I, What do I want, and How do I get it?” She will be sharing her expertise on how to deal with disappointment and exactly what to do to Overcome Your Expectation Hangovers.

Molly Mahar
Molly Mahar

Molly Mahar is a coach, fierce love advocate and joy enthusiast. She is the founder of Stratejoy, a positive corner of the Internet that provides thousands of women inspiring + useful strategies to create their own joyful world. Molly will be sharing how to Activate your Awesome and some amazing ways to bring more joy into your life.

Marni Battista

Marni Battista is the founder of Dating with Dignity and she makes dating and learning about relationships fun. This woman has more than 25 years of personal relationship and dating experience – Marni has dated, was married for 17 years, divorced, and then successfully dated again in the 21st century. So, she knows what she is talking about. Get ready to uplevel your dating life – whether you are single or in relationship.

Course Bonuses
Two Private Coaching Calls with Amber

This comprehensive program has the power to change your life and body on every level. In order to best support you, you will receive two 30-minute private coaching sessions with me during the course. The first call will be scheduled upon enrollment. The second call will be set up upon completion of the program, AND after turning in a final report of your progress.

RYB Journal

Journaling is such a powerful tool in creating the life of your dreams. You will receive this beautiful counterpart to support your work in this program. This book is so inviting, you’ll actually want to write in it!

Cooking with Melissa Costello

I invite you to experiment and explore with my dear friend, Melissa Costello (founder of Karma Chow). Join us as we adventure to the grocery store and make one of her delicious recipes from start to finish!

Money Master Class with Bari Tessler

Bari Tessler is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach, Mama-preneur and Chocolate Lover. She is the founder of The Art of Money and her super power is unshaming us around money. Women who struggle with their bodies also struggle with their finances, so I am truly honored to have Bari’s expertise as an extra bonus for the 56 Day Rock Your Body Challenge.

Style Master Class with Amber’s Special Guest
Photo credit by

There is a powerful link between clothes and body image. When I felt like I had no style I looked at my closet with dread. I felt terrible, embarrassed and wanted to just hide out and eat. Well, not anymore! I’ve made some amazing friends with some incredible stylists who have helped me shift all of that. And, lucky for you, one of these women will be joining us in our last week to give you the low-down on how to discover your own style and dress for the body you have. She may even have a special surprise for the last action challenge!

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Weekly Action Challenges
Prizes Lasting change requires a mindset shift and a behavioral shift. These built in additional challenges are designed to get you in action to support you in experiencing the freedom, acceptance and love for the body you’ve been given. Note: There are NO prizes for completing these challenges; other than the shift you feel inside.
Lifetime Membership

Because I know growth is a process, not an event, the 56 Day Rock Your Body Challenge comes with lifetime membership. That means that once you are ‘in the club’, you are always in the club. You will be able to retake this program every time it’s offered for free. What’s so fantastic about this is:

1. You get to retake the program through new, fresh eyes. I believe who we are today is different from who we are a year from now and who knows what will be most meaningful than when you take the course again.

2. You get to be a mentor and support for the incoming ‘freshman’. As a grad, you know what they are going through and can help make the experience more enjoyable. Who doesn’t love giving back?

Member’s Only Access
access Every single lesson plan is delivered in our gorgeous, member’s only website. You can access the content from anywhere in the world, on any device, at your own pace and even in your pajamas, if you prefer!
Proof it Works
  • ErinKing

    “I am most proud of the new relationship I have created with myself. And with that relationship….the new ability I have to love myself and look at my self through a lens of appreciation, respect, and love.”

    Erin King

  • bh-logo

    “I’ve always thought about forgiving others but not myself for my own sabotaging belief system about myself and others. Working through this and maintaining my core faith was also critical for my movement forward in the program. It’s like the saying. I’ve seen the enemy and it’s me.”

    Brenda M

  • AmyStanton

    “Before this program, I couldn’t think of any positive things to say about my body. Now I feel very different. I realized my body is a great gift and has been doing the best she can. I am trying to be more in tune with her needs instead of trying to look outside myself for […]

    Amy Stanton

  • MelissaMiller

    “This experience was so amazing. So so amazing. All the ladies in the group, Amber, the exercises. It is fantastic! It was even better the second time around because I was able to go deeper and had a tremendous amount of healing.”

    Melissa Miller

  • KristenShelton

    “I’m most proud of the way I’m beginning to live each day like a gift and look at my body as a gift. Combined with self-forgiveness, gratitude is helping me to be a better person.”

    Kristen Shelton

  • MelissaMiller

    “My boyfriend has noticed a difference. He keeps commenting on how he is enjoying my new outlook on myself. We are having more fun together as well! My best friend also noticed how I am spending more time on self-care and said I seem happier.”

    Victoria Laubach

  • TamiCunningham

    “OMG I couldn’t pick just one thing if I tried!! I loved the calls, but loved everything else as well. Everything was just SO different in this course.”

    Tami Sembrano Cunningham

  • GabrielleBernstein

    “Amber Krzys embodies a feminine form of leadership that beautifully blends authenticity and compassion with get down dirty results. Her heart-centered message empowers women to embrace and celebrate their bodies so they can play big in the world. Amber is one to watch.”

    Gabby Bernstein

  • kate

    “I was concerned about the price tag. I live on really tight budget and so I wanted to make sure it was really a worthwhile investment for me and it was.”

    Kate Dearing

  • 382002_10101016903049953_1217774194_n

    “This was exactly what I hoped it would be: new ways to approach my relationship with myself, someone who understood where I was coming from, and unwavering support. You gave me confidence to be my greatest champion and for that I am absolutely grateful.”

    Dariya Kuzmenko

  • ShilpaDas

    I felt drawn to Amber’s blog because I knew I needed a fresh perspective on how I have been approaching my life and body. I have been obsessing about my weight since I was a young girl and throughout many different sizes and points of my life. I have tried fad diets and cleanses since […]

    Shilpa Das

  • avatar ®

    I loved being part of Amber’s Rock Your Body Challenge 2014! It was a leap for me to commit to an online program and to look directly at how I relate to my body! The experience was transformative for me. First of all, Amber exudes a positive energy that is one of a kind and […]

    Debra Fields

  • ClaudiaClark

    My experience in the Rock your body Challenge has been life changing. Not only have I managed to get out of my comfort zone various times, but being in the program has made me connect with my body like I never have before. I have been a big girl almost all my life and I […]

    Claudia Clark

  • avatar ®

    I wanted to write you and properly say thank you for all of your support throughout the weeks of RYBC. I learned so much during the course that I was able to apply to many areas of my life, and I know that it will support me for life.

    Ailsa Currier

  • KellyStClaire

    I was so excited about the Rock Your Body Challenge because I was ready for a change. I had come to a place with my body where I was having a hard time accepting my body and I was unable to even look in the mirror without feeling awful and ashamed. Signing up was one […]

    Kelly St. Claire

  • SherryParks

    I participated in the Rock Your Body Challenge in October 2014, after having participated in FGYB spring 2014. I chose to do RYBC because I had learned so much in FGYB; I wanted to continue my progress and learn to love and appreciate my body. RYBC was an awesome experience and I am so glad […]

    Sherry Parks

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